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  • Musical Talent:  AKO
  • Dance Team:  Aubrey and Friends
  • Board Member:  Marita Kelter

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In conjunction with International Peace Day and Pace e Bene, One Heart and Sacred Sounds Theatre presents our 4th annual Peace Grows Program!  Start at 10:30 with a peace walk to the court house square.  Then at 11:00 we kick off an afternoon of music, speakers, theatre, and children performances!

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Live Life in Peace through Awareness

and Conscious Responsibility


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Marita Kelter

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4th Annual Peace Grows Program  September 23rd

One Heart's focus is on how to live life with  awareness and conscious responsibility; to play a part in helping humanity evolve.

We realize that we are all ONE and offer opportunities for other to partake in this perception


for peace

For more than 10 years, One Heart, Inc. has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for peace and nonviolence, those in need of food and shelter, and our home - Mother Earth.  Contact us to find out how you can contribute to the future of those activities through donations of money and time. .

Our world is in crisis!  Threats of war acts, more and more in need of food and shelter, and a daily assault on our planet.

Join One Heart in our endeavor to live life in peace through awareness and conscious responsibility


those in need