CaSandra May, President

One Heart Inc.

2009   Incorporated as a non-profit Charity

           Established Board of Directors 

2010   Expanded Board of Directors

           Established website and social media presence

2011   Acquired leased space - Yum Yum Hill Farm

           Scheduling of on going group activities

           Formalized One Heart Business Plan

2012   Completed renovation of Yum Yum Hill Farm

           Launched Teachers in Service Program

           Formed Community Consciousness Circle

2013   Celebratory quarterly seasonal events held

           Joined Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce

 2014 Joined Campaign Nonviolence and Pace e Bene

          Held Peace Event in Sauk City WI

          Formed Do Something Ministry Program

          Held Peace Training Classes

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"I had a very clear image, a direct felt experience of what we as humans are capable of when we are in touch with our True Nature. All of the divine aspects and qualities of our soul lie deep within our own hearts. I imagined One Heart as a space to not only hold these potentialities but to also serve outwardly from them."

Live Life in Peace through

​Awareness and Conscious Responsibility