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Donate!  We rely on the generosity of compassionate individuals such as yourself! 

Ask what is needed!

Donate your unneeded clothing items to a local homeless shelter.

Donate food items, personal hygiene items and pet supplies to our blessing bag program!

Offer your talents to those in need (individual or organizations). 

Give of yourself generously and compassionately! 


Downtown Madison, July 26,2015

An afternoon spent with LiliAnne Sabura May Carey made me realize just how much one person can do!

Posted by Stephanie Shanks on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Get involved to make a difference!

Join our street team!

Pay it forward!  Opportunities arise every day for you to be a blessing in someone's life!

Perform Random Acts of Kindness.

Host a food drive and collect needed items by our street team!  See our list here!


Think all you can do is pray?  Prayer is a powerful connection that allows the love of God to flow through you to those in need.  Never underestimate the power of prayer!

Prayer ideas:

Is someone grieving?  Pray for comfort.

Is someone shaken?  Pray for faith.

Is someone weak?  Pray for strength.

Is someone in lack? Pray for provision.

Is someone hungry? Pray they are fed.

Is someone cold? Pray for warmth.

Is someone giving?  Pray for generosity.

Pray for our street team, that they be safe and reach those in need.

Pray for your government, that they make decisions based on our communities needs.

Pray for the government agencies who provide services, that "red tape" is eliminated and services are provided.


"Do Something" by Matthew West is the inspiration for the our ministry's name and sings to our hearts' beliefs. 

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