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​Awareness and Conscious Responsibility

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One Heart Board of Directors

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Carl Rosenstock, Vice President

CaSandra May, Founder and President.

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Mission Statement  

One Heart’s focus is on how to live life with awareness and conscious responsibility; to play a part in helping humanity evolve.  We realize that we are all One and offer opportunities for others to partake in this perception.  It is our purpose to offer events and activities that spread the message of peace, goodwill and well being for all in the world.  One Heart is a holding place and an umbrella of networking activities based on the belief that the mind and heart hold the keys to relieve all forms of suffering individually and collectively. From balanced and harmonized minds and hearts our efforts offered in loving kindness can make concrete differences for ourselves and for others.”      

With this in mind, One Heart has developed a two fold direction in which to practice these objectives.  We have planted our roots into the ground of Peace and NonViolence Work, as well as having created a street ministry program called "Do Something".